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About Seabury

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Scotland Travel Blog Day 8

Day 8 – Goodbye Lincoln, Travel to Edinburgh
There isn’t too much to say about today. The kids were up for their final breakfast in Lincoln at 8:30AM. After breakfast the bags were all loaded into the bus and we were off for what we thought would be a 5-hour journey.

By 2 pm, realizing we were nowhere near our planned stop at Hadrian’s Wall for lunch, it was decided that this portion of the trip would be skipped. The group had their bagged lunch on the bus and the ride continued. A little over 7 hours after departure we arrived at the hostel in Edinburgh. The kids were all so patient! What a group.

The hostel is, well, interesting. It’s six to a room. The rooms are very small with 3 bunk beds each. The hostel is in an old church with what I would call cubicle dormitory rooms. The walls go up about 8 feet with an open ceiling. Needless to say you can hear everything going on everywhere. Looks like we’ll be living out of suitcases for the remainder of the trip.

An extremely fine French restaurant is catering our dinners. We actually have wait service at dinner here, so that makes up for the hostel a bit. I’m not sure if they realized we were a large group of kids. I’m thinking next time they won’t have the fine wine glasses out on the table when we arrive. Dinner tonight was tomato soup and a delicious chicken and mashed potato.

Dinner was followed by a quick meeting outside the cathedral, followed by a short walk around in chaperone groups to get some dessert.

After dessert, we headed back to the hostel and settled in for the night. Again, we have a very busy day tomorrow in Glasgow.

* Side note, the site was down today. I will be catching up on posts and photos shortly. As I gather cameras there will be additional photos in ALL days. Check them often.

Danie, I’ve added a photo of the hallway in the hostel. You can see the dorms are in the main portion of the church to the left and right. Our rooms are in the arches on the left.

By Rob at 07/25/2010 – 12:15


Scotland Travel Blog Day 9

Day 9 – Glasgow
Today we traveled to Glasgow for the day. We got the kids up at 7:30 to dress, eat and be ready for a 9:30 bus departure (I heard someone say it feels like we’ve been living on a bus lately). Breakfast in the hostel is a bit different from our experience in Lincoln in that it’s continental. I guess no more eggs, bacon and sausage for us. The kids didn’t seem to care. Actually despite the lack of privacy at the hostel, I’ve heard many say it’s very “cool”.

At 9:30 we headed off for about a drive to Glasgow. It really only took about an hour, a welcome relief. We dropped the “elderly” off for church. The kids were not allowed to attend. After much complaining from the kids… I can’t even write this with a straight face… After the kids cheered, we went on to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. What a cool place this was. We saw everything from paintings (Monet, Van Gogh) to Armor etc. Check out the photos for day nine!

After the gallery, we headed into the center of Glasgow and split up into chaperone groups and headed out to find restaurants for lunch. Because we will be so late heading back to Edinburgh, it was decided that we would have lunch out and save the “bag lunch” for dinner when we get back. I head there were many choices for lunch. Some had noodles; some went to a pub for fish and chips. Others went to Burger King. Burger King? Patrick, what were you thinking?

After lunch we hopped back on the bus and headed over to the Cathedral for rehearsal and evensong. We should have some photos of the Cathedral online already. The Cathedral is actually very small in size (seems about the same size as St Paul’s really).

Evensong was late tonight, starting at 6:30. The kids sang beautifully even though they were clearly tired from our trip yesterday.

After evensong we hopped back on the bus for our hour-long drive back to Edinburgh. Back at the hostel, the kids had their “bag lunch” for dinner. The little ones had showers while the older choristers went out for walks with their chaperone or played cards in the common room. Lights out is planned for 10:30 PM.

Photos have been added to days 6,7,8 and 9. Enjoy!


By Rob at 07/25/2010 – 17:29