ARTWorks shows are hosted at the Chittim-Howell House at St. Paul’s on the Green, 60 East Ave., Norwalk, CT 06851. 

Gallery hours are Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM; Saturday 10 AM to 1 PM; or by appointment.

For more information on exhibiting at ARTWorks Gallery on the Green, please contact Gallery Director Natasha Karpinskaia at

Robert Baxter paints pictures of people enjoying themselves: at a cafe, on a picnic, walking the beach, riding the surf, dancing, flirting etc. The paintings always take place in good weather. Although he lives on the East Coast, he never paints winter, because he doesn’t like it. The interiors are always a bit classy. In the landscapes, the sun always shines. He also paints musicians,while listening to them: jazz quartets mostly, Teddy Wilson, Marian Mcpartland, and Jellyroll Morton are favorites.

Beatrice del Perugia paints the shapes and colors that she sees around her. She likes the way the shapes fit together and the way the colors bounce off one another. She sometimes sees odd things that amuse her and she hopes they amuse you also.

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