Seabury Academy of Music and the Arts, Inc. is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to the promotion of the arts and music for all ages.  Its three main branches are the St. Paul’s Chorister program, a low-cost weekly music program for children from second to twelfth grade, the monthly Mid-Day Music concert series and corresponding Sunday concert series, and the ARTWorks Gallery, located in the Chittim-Howell House at St. Paul’s.  Seabury also organizes and runs a weeklong Exploring Music and Art Camp each year for children entering grades 2-6.

Seabury Academy is in residence at St. Paul’s on the Green, a radically welcoming Episcopal Church found at 60 East Avenue, Norwalk, 06851.  Seabury shares the commitment of St. Paul’s to making its programs available to all people.  Unless otherwise noted, all events take place at St. Paul’s.

Seabury Academy is administered by an Artistic Director, and overseen by a Board of Directors, which meets on a quarterly basis.  Most of Seabury Academy’s financial stability comes through fundraising efforts by its members and Board.

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To see Seabury’s required annual financial disclosures, please see Seabury Academy’s Guidestar profile.